Meadow Drive, Horringer,

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk,

IP29 5SB

01284 735181

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Registered Charity Number 1164658




Language is an important aspect that helps children become competent readers and writers. Using an adult’s sensitive support and placing paper and pens with small world toys, means children can have more opportunities to develop their language and mark making skills in a fun way. Drawing a swamp for dinosaurs “Rrrrrroar”, or a bed for a princess. What about a muddy puddle for a pig, why not write p.i.g? Try it at home!


During the next few terms we will be establishing which areas in our setting are ‘Talking hot spots’ and other areas that need help to become a place that children visit and talk freely in. We will then look at the findings and begin to transform the environment so that it supports communication and language skills effectively.


We regularly sing, tap and dance to the beat of the music. This helps talking and listening skills.


Involving you as parents and carers in your child’s communication and language development

As well as our resident teddy Jasper who goes home  with you, we will be also be developing Chatterboxes on a home loan scheme. These will help you and your child chatter about the surprise objects inside when you get home.


Our letter bag is proving a success, as children and parents find objects beginning  with a letter sound at home and then bring them to preschool to discuss with everybody.

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