Our Policies

We strongly support all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, based on the research that the best way for children to learn is through play.  

We also ensure that our Pre-School is safe, clean, and inclusive, for staff, parents and children. 

All of our policies are listed below. Please click on the relevant policy to view it.

Parents and Children
Data & ICT

Parents & Children

Child Protection and Safeguarding and Safeguarding Appendix
Equality and Diversity
Food and Drink and Nut Policy
Health and Safety
Learning Journey
Missing Child
Non Collection
Parental Involvement
Selecting Toys and Equipment
Special Educational Needs



Staff Behaviour
Staffing and Employment
Students and Volunteers
Whistle Blowing

Staff Sickness 

Data & ICT

Acceptable Use of ICT
Data Protection
Information Security
Mobile Phone and Camera Use
Social Networking


At our most recent inspection on 18th October 2018, we were given an “Outstanding” rating in all areas, with some excellent comments from the Inspector.   

The key findings of the Report are quoted below.  For the full draft report, click here. 

  • “Leadership and management are excellent. The trustees and managers are inspirational and work tirelessly to continually make improvements to benefit all children. Self-evaluation is used effectively to develop action plans and incorporates ideas from all involved in the Pre-School.
  • The manager is skilled in her analysis of children’s progress and ensures support is accessed swiftly when children are in need.  
  • Staff are highly skilled at helping children to learn to behave appropriately. They are calm and sensitive in their approach and demonstrate a depth of understanding that is second to none.  
  • Staff know how to extend children’s learning as they play and every interaction is purposeful and well considered. Children readily invite staff to join in with their activities and thoroughly enjoy the time spent playing and learning together.  
  • Children’s literacy skills are fostered exceptionally well.  
  • Parents involvement is truly valued from the start and staff readily share ideas to help support children’s learning at home.”