Our Policies

We strongly support all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, based on the research that the best way for children to learn is through play.  

We also ensure that our Pre-School is safe, clean, and inclusive, for staff, parents and children. 

All of our policies can be accessed here. 


At our most recent inspection in February 2016, we were given a “Good” rating in all areas, with some excellent comments from the Inspector.  We are now working hard to ensure we achieve an “Outstanding” at our next inspection, which we feel reflects the service we provide. 

The key findings of the Report are quoted below.  For the full report, click here. 

  • “The well-qualified staff have a good understanding of how children learn and develop. They carefully organise the indoor and outdoor learning environment to meet children’s individual needs. 
  • Staff form successful partnerships with parents and others. They effectively engage with parents to support children’s learning in the Pre-School and at home. Staff communicate regularly with other settings that children attend. This helps to ensure that everyone is knowledgeable about how to support children’s ongoing progress.  
  • Children are extremely motivated as they play and explore in the highly stimulating outdoor environment. They have good opportunities to develop their physical skills as they use ride-on toys and carefully manoeuvre a wheelbarrow around obstacles.  
  • Staff support disabled children and those with Special Educational Needs well. They work closely with other professionals to put consistent approaches in place. This supports children to make good progress in their learning.  
  • Children are happy and enjoy their time at the Pre-School. Staff support children to settle well. Children make friends, build relationships and learn how to share and take turns.  
  • Staff are good role models and manage children’s behaviour effectively. They are calm and praise children appropriately throughout the session. Children readily go to staff for support when necessary.”