Typical Day

Our terms, weeks and days are carefully structured to nourish our children’s learning, build self-confidence, develop their language skills, and enhance their physical co-ordination. 

A typical day for your child might be: 

In the morning…

I like being greeted by my smiley Key Person and look forward to the variety of fun activities I can enjoy. My Key Person knows what I like!  It is fun to put my picture on the registration box, and I can see which of my friends will be there to play with today.

I get to say good morning to everyone at registration and talk about my special news, ideas and thoughts. We often ask each other, “how are you feeling today?”.

Soon after, I have a choice to play indoors with the special activities laid out for today, or outdoors in the mud kitchen, the sandpit, on the ride-on toys, or on the slide.  After a fun time playing, I have my refreshments mid-morning. I feel very grown-up when I help my Key Person get my friends their refreshments.

We are encouraged to look after our toys and at 11 o’clock we sort and tidy. I know when this is going to happen because the grown-up has a fun yellow shaker and we listen to what is going to happen next.

We always do something together as a large group – we do a lot of singing, stories and movement to music. Playdough disco is fun because it strengthens my hand and arm muscles which means I get better at holding pens and tricky intricate activities.

At lunchtime…

I sit with my friends around a table and I try to remember to eat my healthy foods first!

We rest in the quiet area until the afternoon session.  It’s exciting to see what new activities we can be involved in – we help choose things and set them up too.

In the afternoon…

Throughout the afternoon we get together in small groups for stories, role play, games and lots more.  Mid-afternoon we have our afternoon refreshments to keep us going for more fun.

At 2.45pm, it’s time to tidy away our activities from that afternoon – we all help each other to do it together.  I sometimes feel really tired after that, but I just get a cushion and blanket for a rest (I know I can rest whenever I want to.)

At 3 o’clock the grown-ups always choose something that we can do together, depending on how we all feel and our interests that day. We always sing a goodbye song to each other, it helps me remember my friends’ names.  I am excited to tell my family about all the fun I’ve had, and show them the pictures I’ve made.

And if you need wrap around childcare

Once your child reaches the age of 4 they are also able to join Early Birds (8.00-8.45am) and Night Owls (3.30pm – 5.00/5.45pm) at Ickworth Park Primary School. For more information please visit www.ickworthpark.suffolk.sch.uk or talk to a member of our staff.