Counting the minutes…

Counting the minutes…

We’ve all got a bit of extra time on our hands at the moment… it can be fun to measure the time with your child – we do at Pre-school!

Look around your home for clocks and other ways to measure time. A clock on the oven, a sand timer for daily tooth brushing, a stopwatch, countdown on washing machine or a clock on the computer. Perhaps you even have a sundial in the garden – although probably not much use this time of year! Talk about how the numbers or hands change as time passes with your child.

For a playful approach to early learning you could try the following…

  1. How many hops or star jumps can you do in one minute?
  2. How many playdoh worms can you make in a minute?
  3. How many toys can you tidy up in a minute?

We would love to see some of your challenges, film or take a picture and share it with us on tapestry.

Children love feeling in control of time and measuring how long various activities take with the aid of timers. Understanding time itself helps children learn to manage their own time. Timers can also help children transition in and out of daily activities.